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Dear Friends,

Rhee Gold Business and Motivational Speaker

Welcome! My passion for dance and dance education began at the age of three and has been at the forefront of my journey ever since. I believe that dance enhances the lives of the millions who have the opportunity to experience our art.  I believe that we are mentors, leaders and teachers who must take responsibility for maintaining high standards in dance education and business practices. And I know for sure that our influence on the children who dance through our schools will last long after the lessons have ended.

From business and movement seminars and conferences for continuing education to organizational tools and articles for your business, the Rhee Gold Company strives to further the world of dance education in a positive and meaningful way.

Please check out our upcoming events below and please let us know if you have questions or need additional information 508.285.6650 or office@rheegold.com

~ Enjoy the journey!

Upcoming Events

Project Motivate

Project Motivate

Project Motivate started it all. This 3-day retreat covers everything business to rejuvenating your dance teacher spirit.  Be a smarter business owner while you maintain high standards in dance education. Analyze our ever-changing dance world to help you define who you are and the studio you want to direct. Register Now! Learn More
Rhythm Works

Rhythm Works Certification 1-Day Hybrid

Rhythm Works Integrative Dance is an eye-opening certification workshop that helps teachers be the best they can be so their students can be the best they can be! While our focus is on teaching students who have learning differences and other special needs, You’ll walk away with tools that will help you with ALL students!…
Creating Your Dream Team

Creating Your Dream Team

This team to team format is groundbreaking!  Meet the key players who keep Teri and Maureen’s studios running like a well-oiled machine. Experience “A Day in the Life” sessions with their teams who will offer first-hand insight into their own perspectives and responsibilities. Attendees will utilize the information gained in mentoring sessions to create job responsibilities that…
Technique Tune-Up

Technique Tune Up

This is about breaking it all down and getting back to basics. Learn practical skills to train technically proficient students in a developmentally appropriate manner. This retreat will cover traditional barre work to analyzing the turn and defining jump technique to improving flexibility plus more. Register Now! Learn More
Recreational Success

Recreational Success

By popular demand, we’ve developed a brand new 2-day seminar.  Whether you run a competitive, non-competitive or do a little of both studio, this seminar will offer you all the tools you need to direct a thriving recreational program.  Regardless of skill level, every child must experience the same quality education with equal opportunity to be part…
Rejuvenate Your Dance Teacher Spirit

Rejuvenate Your Dance Teacher Spirit

  Sandi Duncan and Rhee Gold team up for this dance teacher and studio owner retreat. Directing a school, teaching and balancing your family with the dance life can be tough. When we add to that the responsibility to be creative and organized; we all come to a time when we need to nourish our dance spirit. That’s what…
Competition: A Fresh Perspective

Competition: A Fresh Perspective

  Dedicate a day to re-evaluating everything from why we compete to how we can improve the experience for EVERYONE involved. We’ll head into uncharted territories with a fresh perspective on how we structure our programs and make them more profitable while we maintain the educational, financial and less-stressful aspects. Register Now! Learn More

DanceLife Teacher Conference

Join successful school owners, master teachers and other experts in the dance field as they share knowledge of and passion for the art of dance! Register Now! Learn More

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