We Are Each Unique
by Rhee Gold

As dance studio owners, let us recognize that each of us and our businesses are unique in personality, history and what we have to offer our communities. We encourage teachers to always continue their own education to ensure that they offer their students the best possible “dance experience.” With that said, let us not judge each other, or focus all our attention on the school up the street. Certainly, there are teachers who make awesome dancers and then there are those who do the once-a-week thing, and there are those somewhere between. Know that parents (our clientele) only picture a once-a-week dance lesson and a tutu at the end of the year. Most parents do not know what a beautiful arabesque is all about, and they don’t care how many pirouettes that their child will accomplish. They just want the joy that dance is . . . that’s it. They do not want to know that we are better than the school up the street. They don’t want to be in the middle of our war with the school up the street. Actually I believe that it hurts our business attracts a clientele who are hard to handle. Do it because YOU LOVE IT!