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4-Part Series for ALL Dance Educators

Video for the Win


Video form content is more popular than ever! This course will tackle the essential components of creating a video that captures the message you want to share with your ideal client and how to repurpose your video to use for training and social media content. Having the right plan will save you time and money. No fancy equipment is required! A phone and passion for what you do are all that is needed!

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Creating a Connection

Lesson 1 – February 23 @ 11:00am EST

This first session will focus on how to use video to communicate with clientele and create a human-to-human connection. Time will be spent on understanding a plan for your video shoot from start to finish and how to repurpose videos to use for faculty training and social media. This will also highlight writing the perfect script for your video, brainstorming your video content wish list, and coming away with a script for your video.

Don't Be Afraid

Lesson 2 – March 2 @ 11:00am EST

Creating a video can seem daunting, so this session is all about confidence. Let’s tackle how to break the fear of being on camera and why practicing is essential to making this happen. Details are important! Learn where you should be placed in the frame (viewing area) and what to wear to get the best video possible.

Showtime: The Video Shoot

Lesson 3 – March 9 @ 11:00am EST

Let’s look at your video setup and the essential elements when shooting your video: location, lighting, sound, and more! We will consider the factors in choosing the location of your shoot. Learn how to set up your area with no special lighting, with a ring light, and/or with professional lighting. This session will also examine the basics of using a microphone and what to know if you don’t have one. Come away from this session with a completed plan to record your script and supported video.

Getting Your Finished Product: Organizing & Editing

Lesson 4 – March 16 @ 11:00am EST

The final session will get your project videos and assets organized. Learn the best way to find and choose background music. Tips will be given on how to organize all your videos for future social media and video projects. Learn basic video editing and combine all your project elements for a complete video.

  • 15-minute Q & A for live participants
  • Includes links to resources & handouts for each lesson!