Rhee Gold Video Library

From education to inspiration, Rhee Gold has traveled the country and world sharing his passion for and knowledge of dance. Through his own seminars and interviews and features with other incredible dance educators, you can find the inspiration you need to continue to be successful in the greatest profession of them all!

Company d

Rhee sheds light on this extraordinary dance company focused on teaching, inspiring and empowering young adults with Down's Syndrome who have shown an inherent talent for and love of dance.

Danspirations w/ Rhee Gold

Rhee shares an inspirational message about the importance of self-confidence and chasing your dreams. As a dance educator, many dreams have already been reached, but there is more to come!

Dance is in Our Blood

From a young age, the gift of dance has been given and cultivated in us. Passing on this joy and passion is the greatest gift we can give to the next generation as they seek to express themselves.

Love for Dance - Jackie Sleight

Master teacher, Jackie Sleight, shares with Rhee why dance is the love of her life. Her emotional and heartfelt response shows just how powerful dance is in the lives of those who experience it.

What is Dance?

The question, "What is dance?" can never fully be answered with words. The art, the emotion, the grace, the power; these need to be experienced more than explained in order to fully conceive the art.

The Emotion of Dance - Roni Mahler

Master teacher, Roni Mahler, shares with Rhee how in teaching dance one must have empathy. Her insight into both the teacher and student helps any dance educator to see love and patience required to share this gift.

Dancers Against Cancer

Dance changes lives and makes a positive difference. This is the belief of Rhee Gold, and Dancers Against Cancer has put this into action. Learn more about their program and how to become a "Hope Studio."

Male Voices in Dance

It is an unfortunate reality that some young male dance students face taunting and bullying. Rhee takes a deeper look into this situation and gives these courageous young men a voice to express themselves and their dance passion.

Male Voices in Dance Part 2

Male dancers need strength and determination to succeed like all other dance students, however, their support system must be strong as well. This video focuses on fathers of male dancers.

Male Voices in Dance Part 3

Rhee gives male dance students an opportunity to open up about sharing the life of dance and to express their challenges, accomplishments and even the lighter side of their experiences in the studio.