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DanceLife is a renowned company that has become a beacon of excellence in the dance education industry. With a mission to provide resources, support, and inspiration to dance educators, DanceLife has transformed the way teachers approach their craft. Through a wide range of initiatives, including the International Dance Entrepreneurs Association, the Gold Alliance, conferences, workshops, publications, and online platforms, DanceLife empowers dance educators to achieve their full potential and create transformative dance experiences for their students.

If you're looking for solutions, like-minded educators, support, inspiration and cutting-edge education, you have come to the right place! Feel free to browse our pages and please let us know if you have any questions; rhee@rheegold.com

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Gold's impact on the dance education industry cannot be overstated. His passion, innovation, and commitment to excellence have shaped the careers of countless dance educators and inspired the growth and development of dance studios worldwide. Through his teachings, writings, and advocacy work, Rhee Gold continues to elevate the standards of dance education, leaving a lasting legacy in the hearts and minds of dancers and educators alike.

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Teacher (and Business) Training

Virtual Courses for both dance teachers and studio owners available live or on demand; each includes handouts, worksheets, etc. All participants have access to the on-demand training for years to come!

Teacher Conference

3 days of workshops, classes, and seminars for dance teachers, studio owners & administrators. The 2023 conference will take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and will feature 5 tracks, 40+ faculty, special events and exhibitors.

Dancer Conference

SOUL is the first-ever conference for dancers, their parents and teachers. A non-competitive event featuring movement classes, special workshops, seminars, exhibitors, and celebrations, SOUL will inspire a new appreciation for the art of dance.

Dancer Conference

SOUL is the first-ever conference for dancers, their parents and teachers. A non-competitive event featuring movement classes, special workshops, seminars, exhibitors, and celebrations, SOUL will inspire a new appreciation for the art of dance.

Shop Rhee Gold Products

Our online store offers unique products for dance teachers and studio owners, including: online courses, business tools, handbooks, gift cards, pop-up camp packages, coloring pages, conferences on demand and more.

Rhee Gold Blog

Explore the transformative power of dance education, uncovering the secrets of business growth and effective management. We delve into the heart of the dance studio and the classroom, fostering gratitude, confidence, and inspiration.

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I.D.E.A. membership offers you the tools and training to create YOUR dream studio! "YOUR" is the key word . . . we believe in encouraging members to strive in leading the business/studio that is right for them, personally and professionally.

A unique dance studio owner certification. It is ideal for the seasoned or new studio owner who seeks to align their business operations and professional goals while utilizing the support and accountability of mentors within a small-group setting.

A group of highly-dedicated studio owners who meet weekly for intensive business training. With guest speakers, authors, and teaching mentors, the Gold Alliance is on top of the latest trends and supporting leaders to take their business to a higher level. 

With a worldwide audience, Rhee Gold and Stacey Morgan share their twice-monthly podcast for dance teachers and studio owners. It's thought-provoking conversation that inspires those with a passion for dance education to strive to be the best they can be. Don't miss an episode!

A special blog, for dance teachers by dance teachers (and studio owners), who are passionate about dance education and sharing their experiences. It’s a chance for some up-close & personal commentary, the sharing gratitude and discussing ideas for success.

Hosted by Rhee Gold, with Co-Host Laura Giacomelli Huntowski, Coffee Talk is a twice-monthly live broadcast for those who share a passion for the art of dance, dance education and studio ownership. Check out past broadcasts or watch live on Facebook and YouTube.

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Laura Gough Carroll
Laura Gough Carroll
Gold Alliance, IDEA Member & DLTC Attendee

I love this group so much and the DanceLife Teacher Conference was the best ever. I am grateful for all the teachers, the IDEA ladies and of course, the one and only Rhee Gold. I not only want to be better because of all of you; I KNOW I can be better because of you! I am living my dream.

Denise Vokey
Denise Vokey
I.D.E.A. Member & DLTC Attendee

I’m having a difficult time articulating what DLTC and my IDEA tribe really mean to me. To attend this years conference was extra special because I finally got to hug those that have guided me, consoled me and became my true friends these last 2 years. I am back and inspired and ready to go for season 23! So many plans! ❤️

Alexis Diaz Menendez
Alexis Diaz Menendez
Studio Owner: Soul Dancer Conference

This was a great event! All my dancers felt comfortable enough to try new styles of dance and my own daughter got in the car, said she had so much fun and fell asleep. No talking about awards, no why, how, next time, just pure FUN! Thank you for that! 💖💙 

Jennifer Karski
Jennifer Karski
Teacher: DLTC Attendee

I just wanted to thank you for an amazing conference! Everything from start to finish was absolutely perfect!  The classes were amazing and fun, and everyone on your staff was so kind and friendly.  The professionalism of the entire event blew me away.

Rhee Gold’s NEW Handbooks For Studio Owners: Your Path To Studio Success!

Save countless hours of research and development. Benefit from the expertise of industry leader Rhee Gold, who has dedicated his career to the success of dance studios worldwide. By implementing these comprehensive resources, you’ll establish consistency, build trust, and deliver exceptional customer service.

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Rhee has been coaching dance educators and studio owners for more than two decades.


Enjoy past broadcasts, videos, articles, inspiration for dance teachers and studio owners.

About Rhee Gold

Rhee Gold began dance at the age of three and has not stopped for more than fifty years.

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