Yip, Mandy

As the founder and CEO of Acrobatic Arts Inc, Mandy Yip manages the staff and delivery of all training programs, and the Acrobatic Arts syllabus in over 6000 dance studios in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa and over 30 other countries.  She heads the Acrobatic Arts examination program, and trains and certifies adjudicators to administer exams in studios around the world.  Over 450,000 dancers participate in Acrobatic Arts classes on a weekly basis!

Mandy created the Acrobatic Arts training and certification program, and the Acrobatic Arts Curriculum, seeking advice and recommendations from industry experts in physiotherapy, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, biomechanics, pilates, inversion, anatomy of movement, ballet, contortion, circus arts, and more to create the most comprehensive, researched program possible. Mandy also created the Acrobatic Arts App, My Acro App, the Acro Adjudicator App, and the AcroDance Preschool App.

A lifelong learner, Mandy has attended and achieved certification in countless courses, including contortion, hand balancing, inclusive learning, tap, jazz, gymnastics, and safe coaching, to name a few.  Mandy currently sits on the advisory board for YPAD, and assists with the mission of keeping kids safe in dance through this organization.  Mandy has taught thousands of dance teachers, and provided expert classes at Dance Teacher Summit (NYC), Dance Teacher Web Live (Las Vegas), Dance Teacher Summit (LA),  Toronto Dance Teacher Expo, Calgary Dance Teacher Expo, Move It Dance Convention (London), Can You Dance Super Convention (Liverpool), Victorian Dance Festival (Melbourne), and CLI Studios (LA). Highly sought for clinics and workshops across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, Mandy is known for bringing passion, technique and in-depth practical knowledge to engaging classes.