Simler, Kiana

Kiana Simler is an accomplished dancer, teacher, choreographer, and adjudicator with over 15 years of experience hailing from London, Ontario. Her journey began at Dance Extreme Inc. and Western University, where she trained extensively in various dance styles under the guidance of industry-leading instructors and choreographers. Holding an H.B.A. from Western University, Kiana double majored in Business Management and Media Studies, while also minoring in Dance. Building on her academic foundation, Kiana furthered her skills by obtaining a diploma in Advertising and Graphic Design from Humber College. This unique combination of dance expertise and design acumen has positioned her as a versatile professional in the realms of graphic design and branding, and she is grateful to seamlessly merge her two passions.

Kiana’s professional journey has been marked by significant contributions to the dance community. Notably, she serves as a graphic designer and branding specialist for Rhee Gold’s DanceLife and other dance businesses. Her dedication to branding, promoting, and advertising events such as the DanceLife Teacher Conference and Soul Dancer Conference showcases her commitment to the dance industry’s growth and development.

In addition to her graphic design and branding endeavors, Kiana is a Co-Owner of Mindful Dancers, a company dedicated to enhancing the mental and physical well-being of dancers through education, support, advocacy, and a variety of products.

Prior to her emergence in the marketing and design industry, Kiana was lucky to learn from a range of teachers, choreographers, and experiences which shaped her love for dance, and inspired her to craft a career that would intertwine her various passions. Holding prestigious titles such as Petite Miss Dance Canada 2008 and Young American Dancer of the Year 2008, Kiana’s journey took her to professional stages across North America, including the New Blue Festival for Emerging Artists (Toronto 2016) and the Association for Performing Arts Professionals (New York City 2017). Her multifaceted experience also extends to being a workshop assistant and choreography assistant for the renowned choreographer Rebecca Zizek, as well as backup dancing in music videos for Saidat, Reezy, and Sean Kingston.

Since emerging as an instructor and choreographer in 2016, Kiana has garnered recognition for her diverse choreographic styles across various age groups. Her work has been featured on Season 8 of the Canadian TV Series, The Next Step, and her students have successfully pursued professional dance careers, training at esteemed institutions such as the Toronto Dance Theatre, Ryerson University, York University, and the National Ballet of Canada.

In both the realm of dance and graphic design, Kiana Simler’s journey is a harmonious blend of artistic expression and creative innovation. From her choreography to her graphic design work, Kiana’s dedication to both disciplines reflects a passion for storytelling and a commitment to aesthetic excellence. As she continues to evolve in her dual roles, Kiana remains steadfast in her mission to inspire, elevate, and contribute to both the dance and design communities.