Read, Holly

Holly Read is committed to helping you overcome your imposter syndrome. As a certified business coach and accomplished Elite-level athlete, she knows that the battle is usually won or lost in your mind. She helps go-getters take action to get 1% better every day through practical action plans paired with proactive accountability.

Perfectionism prevents greatness in so many of us. During her 10+ years of startup consulting and marathon experience, Holly has earned a track record of overcoming by not letting circumstances derail her vision or determine her outcomes. She's known for her inspiring resilient perseverance, and she teaches others how to do the same.

Holly is the business coach for those who want to take action, but can't identify their roadblocks or how to overcome them. As a Business Made Simple Certified Coach, Holly helps business leaders achieve their goals with proven-yet-simple frameworks that get results. She's a member of a Coach Advisory Board, a guest speaker at business summits, and is seen as a leader in her mental fitness space. Holly is the coach for leaders seeking more than a cheerleader - they want change that moves them forward.

She currently resides in Carmel, IN with her husband and her 2 boys, where she is training to qualify for olympic marathon trials.