Boyd, Joshua

Joshua Boyd is a licensed professional counselor who specializes in children, teens, and young adults. He also is a former dancer and gymnast who has coached and taught for the last 17 years. Alongside his job as a therapist, Josh is currently a high level gymnastics coach and acro skills teacher for dancers.

Through high school and college, dance became Josh’s outlet for his own mental health struggles. His studio friends and teachers helped him find confidence and put into movement things that were hard to put into words and cope with. In dance and gymnastics, he’s also seen some of the unhealthy possibilities, and how teachers and classmates can harm a student’s well being even after their dance career is over.

Josh has blended his love of psychology and coaching into a new venture called The Counselor Coach where his goal is to help coaches and teachers better understand areas such as sports psychology, overcoming fears, and the effects of various coaching/teaching styles. He believes because coaches and teachers often spend as much or more time with their students than their parents do, we have a great responsibility to learn how to positively affect their mental health and development. His goal is to help teachers create healthy environments for their students that move them towards reaching their goals while positively impacting their mental health.