It's time for Soul
No numbers, no comparisons, no judgment, just the joy of dance!


Soul Dancer Conference MGM GRAND Las Vegas, NV | 8/3-5

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Thank you Oklahoma City University

The Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Entertainment is not just about teaching dance steps or management or skills — they work to instill character that will serve graduates in their professional careers and personal lives. Their faculty, staff and administration strive to infuse all courses, performances and activities with the following values:

Respect | Reliability | Responsibility | Ethics | Motivation

Accountability | Courage | Focus | Commitment

Employers desire their graduates because of their professionalism, and graduates live meaningful lives when they embrace a value-driven journey.

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Soul is a groundbreaking, non-competitive experience for dancers, their parents and teachers to immerse themselves in all that dance has to offer. In addition to movement classes, attendees participate in workshops, and discussions to gain valuable insight into the college and university landscape, enlightening exploration of career paths, mental health awareness and much more, all designed to educate and inspire those who are passionate about the dance life! 

Alexis Diaz Menendez, Street Beetz Dance Studio
Alexis Diaz Menendez, Street Beetz Dance Studio
Studio Owner

This was a great event! All my dancers felt comfortable enough to try new styles of dance and my own daughter got in the car, said she had so much fun and fell asleep. No talking about awards, no why, how, next time, just pure FUN! Thank you for that! 💖💙

Erin Rae McNamara, Erin Rae's School of Dance
Erin Rae McNamara, Erin Rae's School of Dance
Studio Owner

Let me just say . . . Soul is what this industry needs - it was EVERYTHING! Thank you, Rhee Gold and faculty for inspiring all of us. My dancers and staff made so many friends in 3 days and those friendships will last a lifetime. Thank you. ♥️ 

Nancy Lemenager, Broadway Dancer/Choreographer
Nancy Lemenager, Broadway Dancer/Choreographer
Soul Faculty

Thank you Rhee Gold and your entire crew for a fabulous week! You are the real deal! You practice what you preach… passion, integrity, kindness, diversity, excellence and JOY! I hope everyone has the opportunity to experience the magic! ❤️❤️

Ashley Canterna Hardy, Ballet Master
Ashley Canterna Hardy, Ballet Master
Soul Faculty

This event encompasses everything I believe in. ❤️ I am so thankful to be a part of this team! It was the most amazing week!

Breanne Simons Hiller
Breanne Simons Hiller
Dance Mom

Thank you so much Rhee Gold and the amazing group of staff and teachers. What a wonderful experience for dancers, teachers, and parents ❤️

Samantha Smith
Samantha Smith
Dance Mom

Thank you for having us ❤️ such great classes for parents and kids alike. Looking forward to next year! ❤️

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Contemporary, Improvisation, Musical Theater, Hip Hop, Tap, Ballet, Acrobatics, Commercial Jazz & more


  • Developing Artist: Choreography Workshop
  • Dance is My Life (Career Path Opportunities)
  • Teaching Dance is My Dream
  • Health Mind, Healthy Dancer
  • Professional Ambitions
  • College/University Exploration
  • Musical Theater Workshop
  • Just the Guys
  • Motivational Speakers
  • Assistant/Apprentice Teacher Workshop
  • AND so much more!
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  • Let's Talk Gratitude with Rhee Gold
  • Parent Bootcamp
  • College Exploration: Parent Edition
  • My Son is a Dancer
  • Supporting My Young Artist
  • Competition Reality Check Parent Edition
  • Closed Door Hip Hop
  • Movement Classes
  • Motivational Talks
  • And much more!
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  •  Access to most Soul Dancer Workshops/Seminars
  • Teacher Training Classes 
  • Choreography Workshops
  • Technique Exploration
  • Parent/Teacher Competition Reality Check
  • Mental Health for the Classroom
  • Motivational Talks with Rhee Gold
  • Mentoring Session
  • And much more!
Soul Headers (9)
Soul College & University

Soul's College & University Platform

3 Panel Discussions!

Open to all dancers, their parents and teachers

  • 2 for dancers, their parents and teachers
  • 1 for parents and teachers that will incorporate a Q&A for attendees

College & University Exhibitors
The chance for parents and teachers to arrange one-on-one time with experts in higher-ed

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SOUL is for those who love dance?


  • Dancers age 9-12 & 13+ who have a passion for dance
  • Parents of dancers who are attending Soul
  • Teachers of dancers attending Soul

Soul will build confidence and help dancers, parents and teachers better understand that the dance journey can take us all on a path to ultimate success and fulfillment.

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Dancers $459
Includes SOUL Celebration ticket
Teachers  $459
Includes SOUL Celebration ticket
Parents $199
Includes SOUL Celebration ticket
Studio Owners... Register Your Dancers & SAVE

How it works: Based on the number of students a studio owner registers for Soul Dancer Conference, you may choose to have a credit issued, applicable to any studio owner / teacher / office admin registrations for DanceLife Teacher Conference OR a complimentary teacher registration(s) to Soul Dancer Conference. Credit may only be applied to registrations for 2024 conferences.

  • 6-10 students = 1 teacher complimentary OR 5% credit of total Soul registrations
  • 11-20 students = 2 teachers complimentary OR 6% credit of total Soul registrations
  • 21-30 students = 3 teachers complimentary OR 7% credit of total Soul registrations
  • 31+ students = 5 teachers complimentary OR 8% credit of total Soul registrations
Need assistance registering a large group of students / teachers / parents?
We want to make it easy for you! Click HERE to download an Excel template you can complete and email to greg@rheegold.com, and we will get you ready and registered!
  • Connect in a meaningful way with teachers, mentors, and leaders who will help to feed and inspire your dance soul.
  • Embrace YOUR individualism in a non-competitive environment that will help you discover, within yourself, what makes you a passionate dancer.
  • Explore the many opportunities the future can hold for you in dance by learning from and chatting with professionals in the industry and college/university representatives.
  • Discover that great dance is much more than awards or accolades, but is a process of self-growth.
  • Enjoy the chance to dance, learn and grow along with other young dancers who share your passion.

Hosted at the fabulous MGM GRAND Las Vegas

What airport should I use? Las Vegas McCarran Airport (LAS)

Questions? Contact greg@rheegold.com