Your Home Away from Home

You'll laugh, learn, grow and rejuvenate your dance spirit, guaranteed!


In 2012, Rhee Gold opened the doors to his 7,000 square foot log and stone residence featuring a gorgeous studio and meeting space that creates the perfect atmosphere to grow and study. The fully-restored stone fireplaces and beautiful lodge décor, outstanding landscape and acres of pine trees create a sense of peace from the moment you arrive. All of this located in the New England town of Norton, Massachusetts.

We welcome a worldwide following of dance school owners and teachers. The objective is simple: create a beautiful place to learn, share and rejuvenate the dance spirit.

Due to COVID-19, the DanceLife Retreat Center is currently closed. If you are interested in a private or virtual retreat experience, please contact (Greg Bettencourt) 

It is not a convention or a conference.  Whether you are attending a movement, business or motivational retreat (or all three) you'll be learning in a peaceful and encouraging environment for growth. Our goal is to energize your mind, body and soul.

A Special Place for Dance Teachers and Studio Owners

Retreats often challenge beliefs, while offering the tools to venture into the future with new skills for success within the classroom, the business and in life.


Business Retreats

Open to studio owners, their office staff, significant others or those who have a hand in the success of your business. 

Registration for business retreat attendees must be made by the studio owner. Each season, we update our business retreats to reflect the evolution within our field. With fresh perspectives on marketing, retention, new program opportunities, employee management, financial analysis, and so much more, we are on top of the latest trends in successful dance studio ownership. Minimum Age: 18

DanceLife Retreat Classroom

Movement Retreats

Open to all teachers. Movement retreats are up-close and personal teacher training. The intimate setting allows for teacher/student dialogue, focusing on the techniques to properly pass the curriculum on to your students. Curriculum is offered is for varied levels and ages, based on the retreat that you choose. Attendees may observe or participate in classes. The dance education field is evolving fast and the DanceLife Retreat Center helps all teachers stay on top of the latest trends, while maintaining a healthy respect for the traditions. Minimum Age: 16

A wicked awesome 5 days of learning and laughing. Exhausted and inspired! Thank you to everyone involved in making the DLTC happen.

Susie Mary Anne, The Studio School of Dance
Brampton, Ontario

Best 5 days at the DLTC Confernce! Thanks Rhee for your tireless dedication to all dance teachers and the entire dance community.

Lisa Dalton Faia, The Studio  All About Dance
Swampscott, MA