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Join Rhee Gold and Stacey Morgan for their bi-monthly podcast for dance teachers and studio owners. It's thought-provoking conversation that inspires those with a passion for dance education to be the best they can be. Don't miss an episode!


Gold, Rhee

Rhee Gold is a dance field pioneer who has led a movement that continues to change and improve the face of dance education. Teachers and studio owners from the United States, Australia, Canada, Grand Cayman, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, United Kingdom and more flock to his retreats, seminars, keynote speeches, and conferences to gain…

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Morgan, Stacey

Stacey Morgan is a passionate entrepreneur and small business consultant from Australia. She is the Principal of Port Macquarie Performing Arts, a dance school on the mid north coast of NSW. She is also the Director of Morgan Media, a global podcast production company that focuses on Podcasts related to Small Business, the Arts and…

Episode 21: Diane Gudat Live from the 2019 DanceLife Teacher Conference

Part 2 of an 8 part series Live from the 2019 DanceLife Teacher Conference, we talk with conference faculty Diane Gudat, a freelance writer, teacher and choreographer from Indianapolis, Indiana.


Episode 20: Tricia Gomez Live from the 2019 DanceLife Teacher Conference

Part 1 of an 8 part series Live from the 2019 DanceLife Teacher Conference, we talk with Tricia Gomez from Rhythm Works Integrative Dance.


Episode 19: Live from the 2019 DanceLife Teacher Conference

Today marks the start of our 8 part series, live from the 2019 DanceLife Teacher Conference in Atlantic City!


Episode 18: When Dancers Leave

No matter how great your studio is or how hard you work, there will always be students who want to try something new. Coping with the loss of a student is a big part of owning a dance studio. Listen as Rhee gives his perspective on this part of our business.


Episode 17: Rhee’s Rant #3

Rhee loves a good rant! This is #3 of our Rhee’s Rant series. Listen as Rhee reminds you, as a studio owner, to take care of yourself and how to avoid burnout.


Episode 16: Your Customer’s Journey

Do you have your customer’s journey mapped out? Do you know each step of the process? Listen as Rhee and Stacey talk you through your ideal customer journey and the benefits in having this knowledge up your sleeve for decision making in your studio.


Episode 15: Competition Teams

Does your studio attend dance competitions? Do you want to? How do you make it work for you and your studio? Listen as Rhee talks about the pros and cons of offering Dance Competitions at your studio.


Episode 14: Summer Intensives

We’ve spoken before about fun things to do with your students over the summer, but this time we are talking about intensive programs. Get new ideas to plan something special for your dedicated dancers as we discuss the many options you have for making the summer memorable for your students.


Episode 13: Invest in Your Growth

Are you scheduling regular professional development? You should be… listen as Rhee explains why professional development and continuing education are important parts of your growth as a studio and as a studio owner. 


Episode 12: Recital is Done, Now What?

Recital season is over and summer break is around the corner. What should you do now?  Rhee has lots of tips for making the most of this time. It’s a great time to reflect, respond and to give yourself an opportunity to breathe.


Episode 11: Rhee’s Rant #2

You loved it so much the first time, Rhee’s Rant is back!  Should Dance Studio Owners be paid for what they do, or is this just a little hobby they do for fun? Rhee has something to say about this in our 2nd Rhee’s Rant Episode, enjoy!


Episode 10: Inspiring the Next Generation with Roni Mahler

Rhee Gold and many others consider Roni Mahler a legend in the dance world. Rhee and Roni talk about making strong dancers in this new generation, the power of dance and the role of dance teachers in empowering the youth of today.


Episode 9: The Struggle is Real

Rhee talks about the daunting challenges of running a dance studio. Our everyday struggle such as the way in which to retain the students you have enrolled, arranging payment plans and juggling life’s other obligations with being a dance studio owner all can cause headaches and sleepless nights.


Episode 8: Are You Ready for Summer?

Summer can be a difficult time for dance studio owners, or it can be the chance to get creative and involve your community in something special. In this episode, Rhee and Stacey discuss innovative ways to increase enrollment during summer.


Episode 7: Talking Tap with Gregg Russell

Gregg Russell has been around the dance studio for most of his life, his mother taught him to dance from a young age. He is a passionate dance educator and teacher. He loves tap and sharing his knowledge of it with other dance teachers.