Rhee Gold is passionate about dance education and the business of teaching dance. A pioneer in the field, his podcast features thought-provoking conversation with Stacey Morgan offering a unique brand of inspiration and insight into teaching dance and studio ownership. 

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Gold, Rhee

Rhee Gold is a dance field pioneer who has led a movement that continues to change and improve the face of dance education. Teachers and studio owners from the United States, Australia, Canada, Grand Cayman, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, United Kingdom and more flock to his retreats, seminars, keynote speeches, and conferences to gain…

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Morgan, Stacey

Stacey Morgan is a passionate entrepreneur and small business consultant from Australia. She is the Principal of Port Macquarie Performing Arts, a dance school on the mid north coast of NSW. She is also the Director of Morgan Media, a global podcast production company that focuses on Podcasts related to Small Business, the Arts and…

Join Rhee Gold and Stacey Morgan for their bi-monthly podcast for dance teachers and studio owners. It's thought-provoking conversation that inspires those with a passion for dance education to be the best they can be. Don't miss an episode!

Season 2 Episode 12: Building Community & Belonging

Building a sense of community for our dance families is important now more than ever. What can you do this season to build those important moments for your dance families, those moments that don’t include a shuffle or a pirouette?


Season 2 Episode 11: What Are You Going to Change This Season?

COVID made many of us reconsider how we had always done things. As we get stuck into a new dance season, it’s time to think about how we are going to handle situations that used to be a big deal for us, in the light of the new normal. What will you be changing? What…


Season 2 Episode 10: Who Decides What Is Best?

Rhee Gold’s DanceLife Podcast Do you spend time and energy watching what your competitors doing? Do you feel threatened by Dance Studio’s that are “different” to you? Rhee and Stacey discuss the importance of keeping your eyes forward and not looking side to side at what your competitors are doing in their studios. Creating a…


Season 2, Episode 9: Feedback

Rhee Gold’s DanceLife Podcast Do you provide your team with regular and consistent feedback? Do you have a performance review system in place at your studio? Today Rhee and Stacey talk about the importance of systemizing the feedback process in your business in order to give your team stability, focus and to have everyone singing…


Season 2 Episode 8: Were You There?

Rhee Gold’s DanceLife Podcast The 2021 DanceLife Teacher Conference was a huge success! Were you there to join in the fun? Join Stacey and Rhee today as they talk through the highlights, the special moments and the surprises of this years conference.


Season 2 Episode 7: A Walk Down Memory Lane

Rhee Gold’s DanceLife Podcast Join Rhee and Stacey today as they talk about Rhee’s early influences and how they shaped the work he has gone on to do in the world of dance.


Season 2, Episode 6: Are You a Master Delegate-r?

Rhee Gold’s DanceLife Podcast As dance studio owners, we sometimes feel that it’s our job to do everything in our business. But what if we had more spare time to spend creating, innovating and learning in our business? Today Rhee and Stacey talk about the importance of delegation and the ways in which you can…


Season 2, Episode 5: Sticking up For Yourself

Rhee Gold’s DanceLife Podcast Join Stacey and Rhee today as they talk about the importance of charging what you are worth, especially during these COVID times. Now, more than ever, you should know your own value and not be afraid to have others see that value as well.