2021 DanceLife Teacher Conference
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This week gave me so much hope. Even though for the most part I spent it alone in my kitchen I felt connected to you all! It’s the first time in a loooong time that my brain is buzzing with ideas and to do lists to move our business forward. No longer in a holding pattern. ~Ann Bettonvil

Thank you so much for providing this amazing experience! It’s been church for me 💗 ~Stephanie Whitney

Can’t say thank you enough! Even virtually, this conference was incredible! ~Heidi Knapp

4 Tracks | 5 Classrooms

Early Childhood-Children's, Movement x2, Dance Studio Owner & Administrator Tracks

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Thank You Faculty (2)

Ann Bettonvil, Tammy Bolduc, Kristi Breen, Rebecca Brettingham-Filice, Drew Burgess, Ashley Canterna Hardy, LaShonda Chaney, John Comix Barrella, Kim Davis, Claudette Demers-Gendreau, Sean Dever, Sandi Duncan, Laura Giacomelli-Huntowski, Rhee Gold, Tricia Gomez, Jaime Gong, Billy Griffin, Diane Gudat, Amanda Herring, Erika Hogan, Geo Hubela, June Lawrence, Jason Luks, Teri Mangiaratti, Susie McColl, Ricci Milan, Stacey Morgan, Erin Mosqueda, Patty Neal, Andrew Nemr, Kathy Noble, Hedy Perna, Brett Perry, Jennifer Randall, Shantel Robeaux, Pam Simpson, Michelle Soutier, Julie Kay Stallcup, Andrea Trench, Heather Wanner and Mandy Yip

The DLTC may be officially over, the closing was so inspiring, and always bittersweet; but I get to watch every class recorded right now, HOW COOL IS THAT?!?! ~Erica Gregory Corrao



Already counting down the days until next year! Thank you for the best week ever! ~Jenny O'Brien

Such an awesome, inspiring, encouraging week! Thank you! ~Jennifer Benoit


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35+ Faculty & Speakers

THANK YOU for the virtual option! Absolutely loving it! ~Courtny Thane

Thank you so much… even as a virtual participant I felt so much of the magic of this week. ~Ceylan Gentilella

I’m attending virtually as I just had the baby and really loving every second! Thank you! 💝 ~Michelle Colon-Tijerina