We are proud to offer continuing education opportunities for dance teachers, studio owners and administrators. During these times, we are all seeking to chance to explore, learn and grow with our fast evolving dance education community. All seminars are offered as a series of four 75 minute sessions and each includes handouts, worksheets, etc.

Each seminar series is ONLY $69 - an affordable resource for you and your staff!

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Acro-Islands & Zoom

A series focused on ways teachers can keep dancers engaged and progressing in AcroDance classes while teaching without spotting skills. Learn tips and tricks for every part of your Acro classes.

The lessons you take from instructing during the pandemic will enrich your teaching long after zoom is no longer the norm! Expert teachers from Acrobatic Arts will give you teaching tools you can use in your next lesson, and for a lifetime!

Staff Success

Let us simplify staff training for you! This four-part series is created for your entire team of teachers and administrators.

These sessions could be used as staff meetings, as part of your hiring process, or  during a company retreat!

Discover Our Tap Roots

Tap Roots is the opportunity to enhance your knowledge, and to bring tap history into your classroom. In these times, especially, we have the chance to enhance the mind, body and soul of our students.

We believe that it's a perfect time to rethink our classroom curriculum to educate young dancers to appreciate the art in a new way!