The world just gained one more "less stressed" dance teacher!
Meet Stacy Eastman director of Gloria Jean's S/D. She's less stressed and ready to teach more: do it for yourself, register now. 

Stress Less (6)

3-Part Meditation Course for Dance Teachers and Studio Owners


+ BONUS CONTENT - Attendees will receive 5 guided meditations to bring into your classroom and share the mediation experience with your dancers.

In this 3-day course, you’ll learn an easy, effortless meditation technique that will allow you to consistently deliver your best to your students.

Feeling stressed? Are you finding it more challenging to bring all you have into the classroom? Stress is wreaking havoc on your nervous system. In fact, 80% percent of all doctor visits in the US are of a stress related nature. Left unchecked, it can cause insomnia, poor digestion, anxiety, and even depression.

Let me show you how to ”un-stress” leaving you more energized, creative, and resilient by using a daily meditation practice so you can continue to deliver top-notch quality dance education from here on out. Be more able to adapt to the ever-changing demands of dance education and leadership. It’s time you discover how to step into your classes renewed, recharged and ready to teach.

3 (90 minute) lessons

was $109, now $99

Using the Mantra

Stress Less, Teach More Lesson 1
May 5 @ 11am EST

During Day 1 you will be given a mantra and the procedure of how to use it properly. You will begin meditating immediately and be given instructions on how to do it on your own.

The Role Thoughts Play

Stress Less, Teach More Lesson 2
May 12 @ 11am EST

During Day 2 I will explain why having thoughts during meditation is normal and why it is actually a sign of correct practice. We will also share our experiences and challenges through a Q&A session where I will help you refine your practice.

What is Being?

Stress Less, Teach More Lesson 3
May 19 @ 11am EST

During Day 3 I will dive deeper into what is Being and the role it plays in becoming better teachers. We will also discuss how to make this practice a habit you’ll look forward to along with how to fit it into your busy schedule. A review of the method will be solidified through our final Q&A together.