4-part Series for EVERYONE Involved in Dance Education


Join Kenny Borchard & Mauro Villaneuva of The Joffrey Workshop for a course that is a vital resource for individuals aiming to understand how cultural backgrounds shape dance education experiences. Key topics include understanding personal culture impact, thoughtful attire choices, consent practices, and the gender spectrum. Participants gain tools to create inclusive and respectful environments, empowering them to support students from diverse backgrounds, enriching dance education overall.

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Kenny Borchard

Kenny Borchard (he/him) is an alumni of Idyllwild Arts Academy and the University of Arizona. 

Since graduating Kenny has worked on television and commercial projects with credits including a featured role on TruTV’s Fake Off, What Not to Wear, Toyota Pruis, Mobbed, and Lifetime’s Petals on the Wind. Kenny has worked with Odyssey Dance Theatre, Solevita Dance Company, Pacific Festival Ballet, and Pasadena Dance Theatre among others. Kenny was also a cast member of “Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular” at Disney’s California Adventure.

As an educator, Mr. Borchard has taught on the faculty of Broadway Dance Center's Children and Teen Program, and has taught as a guest educator/choreographer around the country. Kenny is committed to creating welcoming dance spaces where all students feel honored for who they are and how they show up.


Mauro Villanueva

Mauro Villanueva (he/him) began his dance training with Shawn Knife and later studied at the Nutmeg Conservatory.

Mr. Villanueva joined the Joffrey Ballet and danced ballets by world renowned choreographers, was a union representative for the artists, and was one of two dancers chosen to participate in the search for a new artistic director.

Mauro has also worked for Barak Ballet, Ballet San Antonio, The Jacksonville Symphony and others. He has taught at the Colburn School, Edge Performing Arts Center, Regional Dance America, The New Orleans Ballet Association, The New Jersey Ballet, North Carolina School of the Arts, and The Ballet Alliance.

Mr. Villanueva was a School of American Ballet National Visiting Fellow and is dedicated to creating inclusive dance spaces through his work as co-director of The Joffrey Workshop.


Understanding Culture & Cultural Awareness

March 5

This session will explore what makes up a student's personal culture and the impact that has on their dance experiences. Acknowledging bias is an important aspect of understanding the significance of cultural awareness, enabling participants to navigate and embrace diverse cultural perspectives effectively.

Costumes, Hair & Makeup

March 12

Participants will examine the significance of attire choices, hair requirements, and makeup practices, ensuring cultural sensitivity and honoring individual identities. Discussion will address how costumes, hair, and makeup choices are related to diversity, equity, and inclusion and participants will learn strategies to create welcoming environments for students from various racial and cultural backgrounds.

Consent in Dance Education

March 19

This session will address the importance of consent in dance education, teaching educators how to promote a respectful environment for all students. Establishing clear and thoughtful lines of communication can ensure that all stakeholders in the organization are aware of the appropriate ways students should communicate with adults, raising awareness if inappropriate forms of contact and communication arise.

Gender & Pronouns

March 26

Participants will explore the gender spectrum, emphasizing how correct pronoun use creates a supportive environment for all students. Through discussions and practical guidance, participants will learn strategies to normalize diverse pronouns, fostering an inclusive space where students feel comfortable expressing their identities. The focus is on empathy, respect, and rectifying any misuses, ensuring an affirming experience for everyone in the dance community.