Mental Health Priorities in the Dance Studio
This two-hour workshop guides dance studio and business owners in ways to incorporate mental health practices into their classrooms. We will address the responsibility of dance establishments to put measures in place to support the 75% of dancers who have reported experiencing a mental health challenge in the past five years.* This workshop will provide ten simple ways to incorporate mental health and wellness practices, how to help educators give constructive and supportive feedback, how to shift classroom practices to encourage a more positive environment and how to put measures in place to support the health and wellness of educators and staff.

Presented by Kristin Deiss & Michelle Loucadoux (Danscend’s mission is to bring mental wellness to the forefront of performing arts training by providing a space for education, application, and community to performers, educators, and professionals).

Building the Business of YOUR Dreams
This session is all about acting now! With roundtable discussions and the use of worksheets to aid in visualizing your future, we’ll focus on process, delegation, and communication to improve accountability and efficiency in your business operations. We will also cover strategies to assist you with the decision-making process, overcoming procrastination, and feeling confident about those crucial conversations. Part of this session, entitled "Love it or Leave it" encourages you to discover what areas of the business you truly enjoy and those tasks that you don’t and how they could be passed on to others on your team. No matter what stage of your business or life, the opportunity to explore and design a future with the proper balance will bring you a sense of fulfillment and the chance to really enjoy the journey!

Presented by Pete Mohr, Entrepreneurial Coach | Speaker | Mastermind Facilitator