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Season 3, Episode 31: Dance Parents, Friend or Foe?

Dealing with our dance parents can be one of the most challenging parts of running your own studio. Today Rhee and Stacey talk about the importance of teacher/parent relationships and communication in order to run a successful studio (and keep your sanity!)


Season 3, Episode 30: Don’t Look Back

This year is flying by and the busy part of our season is upon us. Let’s take time to remember that once upon a time we dreamed of having our own recital, we dreamed of having students to teach and choreography to create. Today Rhee & Stacey talk about the importance of looking forward and…


Season 3, Episode 29: Everyone’s Talking About the New Gold Alliance

In 2024, a new Gold Alliance group is being formed and you can be part of it! Join Stacey and Rhee today as they talk about the new Gold Alliance and the learning and camaraderie that can be gained from joining.


The Dance Life Online Magazine

A collection of articles, thought-provoking commentary, classroom tips and strategies, smart business concepts, advice, and more. As always, Rhee Gold and his team will offer content to challenge the dance education field to hold each other and every student in high regard.

Swing The Pendulum Back

by Rhee Gold A while ago I held a seminar for teachers and studio owners at a dance convention that included a competition. These awesome people were teachers for all the right reasons-everyone was excited...
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She Just Can’t Stop Herself

"You're an artistic genius! How do you come up with an idea like that?" "Motivated to be different" is the motto of the teacher who choreographed the piece that everyone is raving about. She's the...
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Mary, Took the Common Bond Message to Heart

Is the teacher who produces phenomenal ballerinas more credible than the teacher who produces the best hip-hop dancers? Is the teacher in small-town America less passionate than the teacher in big-city America? My thought is...
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You Never Know

At my seminars, I always tell the attendees that it isn’t the number of their students who move on to professional careers or awards they have won that determine their success as teachers. Instead, it’s...
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I Have Often Wondered

by Rhee Gold I have often wondered why we (dance teachers) can be friends with teachers and school owners who teach in another state or quite a distance from where we do, but if the...
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