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Steps or Technique

Dance teachers set an example in so many ways, and often in ways that have nothing to do with steps or technique. Be sure you are setting the right example both inside and outside of your classroom. – Rhee Gold

Dedicated Dance People

I meet so many dedicated dance people who are workaholics. They never make the time to simply stop, to “turn off the dance” for a while. Some feel guilty just thinking about it and others think they’ll fall behind. Let it go—you deserve time for yourself. – Rhee Gold

Throw Stones

People will throw stones at you. Don’t throw them back. Collect them all and build an empire. – Unknown

By Awards Won

We cannot judge our success by awards won, but by the students who develop a passion for dance, regardless of the skill level they attain or the awards they may or may not achieve. – Rhee Gold

Winding Road

I have discovered that there are quick roads to success, and then there are long, winding roads. A winding road takes a little longer, but the ride is so much nicer. And it gives me time to appreciate the knowledge that I’ve followed through with my mission. – Rhee Gold

Toot Your Horn

The true route to success in our small dance world: showing, through your actions, words, and deeds, your passion for what you do. If you do that, then you don’t need to toot your own horn. Instead, those who witness your passion will toot your horn for you! – Rhee Gold

Every Child Can Achieve

That passion—that joy of dance—is what most parents and kids seek. Dance is about losing yourself in the music and the movement, and that is something that every child can achieve. – Rhee Gold

Number One

Number one for me is never sacrificing the obligation to let children be children. – Rhee Gold

I Root for Them

I have so many kids. They might not know they are “my kids,” but my heart does. I root for them for life! ~Penny Christensen


We can be so busy that we confuse success with fulfillment. I wish both for you, but hope you’ll make fulfillment your priority. ~Rhee Gold

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