I Root for Them

I have so many kids. They might not know they are “my kids,” but my heart does. I root for them for life! ~Penny Christensen


We can be so busy that we confuse success with fulfillment. I wish both for you, but hope you’ll make fulfillment your priority. ~Rhee Gold

Nurture Acceptance

Let us nurture acceptance by encouraging our students to use the common bond of dance to lift each other up, and work to instill positive self-image and confidence in every student. ~Rhee Gold

Two Different Dancers

IT’S PASSION! The one who wins the trophies or the one that everyone remembers long after the competition ends are often two different dancers. ~Rhee Gold

Dance Class Number

Our kids finish rehearsal at 11:00 p.m. and still pass an exam at 8:00 a.m. That’s because the concept of discipline was instilled in them from dance class number one. ~Rhee Gold

Healthy Body

A healthy body, a roof over our head, family and friends. Kids who look up to us; the movement and the music! What more could we ask for? Let us be grateful. ~Rhee Gold

Simple and Smart

When nothing goes right . . . go left! ~Unknown

Pass It Forward

When I am with people whose presence simply brings a smile to my face, I feel good inside. That, in turn, has a positive effect on my attitude, and I find myself bringing a smile to everyone else I come in contact with, It’s sort of the “pass it forward” philosophy – and it works. ~Rhee Gold

Compliment Instead

Stop asking negative people how they are because they want to tell you! Instead, offer them a compliment. Tell them that their hair looks nice or what a pleasure it is to see them. Your compliment probably will make them smile for the first time in a long while. How positive is that? ~Rhee Gold

Never Crosses Her Mind

She envies others teachers’ successes because she thinks they’re so much happier than she is. It never crosses her mind that those people might be thinking the same thing about her. ~Rhee Gold

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