Believe They Can

Great dance teachers are those who create an atmosphere that stimulates the student’s minds, bodies, and souls in such a way that they believe they can achieve anything they aspire to. ~Rhee Gold

Young People

Dance Teacher Friends, Remember that it isn’t always about the movement or steps that you teach that matter most. It’s more about being a positive role model who mentors, leads and teaches young people to be the best that they can be in dance and in life. ~Rhee Gold

Some Kids

Some kids are at the dance studio all day. Some kids are hanging out all day. Some parents spend hours driving their kids to everything dance. Some parents spend hours driving around looking for their kids. Some parents spend their hard-earned money on dance classes, shoes, costumes, etc. for their children. Some parents are spending their hard-earned money on lawyers for their children. Sometimes dance seems overwhelming, but how cool it is that dance parents know their children have a passion for dance! ~Rhee Gold

Just Like You

That tiny dancer dreams that she will grow up to be just like you someday. How cool is that?! ~Rhee Gold

Learning and Evolving

We will always be mediocre if we don’t expose ourselves to others who may be better or different than we are. Growing, learning, and evolving is what the dance life is all about. ~Rhee Gold

Pure Joy

The music, the movement, the pure joy radiating from the soul; that is dance. ~Rhee Gold

Number of Souls

Great dance is not about the awards won. Great dance is when an audience is moved. If you happen to win an award along the way; well good for you. BUT, true success is based on the number of souls you touch with your passion for the art of dance. ~Rhee Gold

Lose Yourself

When you head into that classroom, know that you have the chance to lose yourself in the music, the movement and the knowledge that you are passing on your passion for dance to the next generation. ~Rhee Gold

Stay Focused

Figure out what it is that YOU want, stay focused and forget about what others are up to. ~Rhee Gold

We Make a Difference

We can make a difference in the lives of each young person who dances through our classroom. How cool is that?! ~Rhee Gold