Go Out of Your Way

We must all take responsibility to live up to the standards that we claim to live by. Go out of your way to focus on giving your students concepts, choreography, and music appropriate for their age level. It’s time! ~Rhee Gold

I Root for Them

I have so many kids. They might not know they are “my kids,” but my heart does. I root for them for life! ~Penny Christensen

Nurture Acceptance

Let us nurture acceptance by encouraging our students to use the common bond of dance to lift each other up, and work to instill positive self-image and confidence in every student. ~Rhee Gold

Parents Do the Same

I believe that young people should focus on themselves, give their all, and be satisfied with their own accomplishments, and their parents should do the same. ~Rhee Gold

Two Different Dancers

IT’S PASSION! The one who wins the trophies or the one that everyone remembers long after the competition ends are often two different dancers. ~Rhee Gold

Dance Class Number

Our kids finish rehearsal at 11:00 p.m. and still pass an exam at 8:00 a.m. That’s because the concept of discipline was instilled in them from dance class number one. ~Rhee Gold

Total Bliss

I AM A DANCER I don’t feel my body’s aches or pains. I don’t feel the sweat dripping into my eyes. I do feel total bliss. I AM AN ARTIST! ~Rhee Gold

Human Spirit

Could it be that, as teachers, we become truly great once we realize that the blending of the human spirit with the emotions in the music and the powerful voice of movement is what’s most important? Are those moments of transformation what lead to a great life for the millions of students who dance through our classrooms? I wonder. ~Rhee Gold

Someone Must Tell Them

RESPONSIBILITY Children are not born knowing the many opportunities that are theirs for the taking. Someone who does know must tell them. ~Ruth Hill Viguers

Next Time

The next time you see a smile on a child’s face because she just learned a new step or tried on her first costume, realize that what you do helps change the world and makes the future brighter. ~Rhee Gold

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