Children will learn far more by watching than listening. ~Billy Graham

Positive Aspects

Though some students may never develop technical expertise, a good teacher will find other positive aspects of their behavior or training to praise them for, like commitment, perseverance, a can-do attitude, achieving a personal best, expressiveness, creativity, or a sense of humor. ~Rhee Gold

The Best

SIMPLE We have an obligation to help to build self-esteem, while we encourage all children to be the best they can be. ~Rhee Gold

Second Row

Look for and appreciate the little dancer in the second row that may not be as strong as the others—but boy, does she have the passion. Grab her by the hand, bring her to the front of the classroom, and make her day. It could be the moment that gives her the confidence to become you! ~Rhee Gold

My Kids

I call my students my kids because in our time together they aren’t just kids on my class list, they become a part of my heart. ~ Unknown


DANCE MYTH Exceptional children don’t need to do adult choreography to prove they’re awesome. ~Rhee Gold

Kids Just Want to Dance

Kids just want to dance. Their parents want more. ~Rhee Gold

Extended Family

WHY DANCE? Young dancers develop healthy bodies, gain a sense of balance by managing their commitments to  dance and academics; work with mentors who are focused on the students’ success; enjoy friendships that will last a lifetime; and feel a sense of belonging to an extended family of fellow dancers, teachers, and parents. – Rhee Gold

Steps or Technique

Dance teachers set an example in so many ways, and often in ways that have nothing to do with steps or technique. Be sure you are setting the right example both inside and outside of your classroom. – Rhee Gold

Exciting to See

It’s exciting to see the thrill on the face of a child who does her first plié or shuffle. It’s the moment the dance passion begins! – Rhee Gold