Rhee Gold's Dance Life Inspirational Quotes

Commitment = Success

Dance Teachers
Let us appreciate our chance to influence future generations to be awesome people who understand that commitment = success. The world needs more of us and them. And yes we do teach dance too.
~Rhee Gold

Car You Drive - Rhee Gold

Car You Drive

Yes, things could always be better, but stop right now to look at the roof over your head, the car you drive, that computer you are looking at, and everything else that you see around you. All of it is a result of your hard work. PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK, then get back to work.
~Rhee Gold

Remain Focused

Almost everything is a choice. Choose your distractions wisely, so you can remain focused on what you need to do.
~Rhee Gold

Real Choreographers

Real choreographers don’t need the best dancers.
~Rhee Gold

Professional Teacher–Student Relationship

Any teacher’s success is based on a professional teacher-student relationship. Young teachers who hang out with their students can diminish the respect they need to be effective teachers and role models.
~Rhee Gold


You don’t have to be organized, you must appear to be organized.
~Rhee Gold

No Guilt

Believe it or not, it is OK for the studio owner to make a profit without feeling guilt.
~Rhee Gold

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