Rhee Gold's Dance Life Inspirational Quotes

See It Through - Rhee Gold

See It Through

If we wholeheartedly believe in what we want to create and are willing to dedicate the time and energy needed to see it through, I believe that all of us can accomplish almost anything we desire.
~Rhee Gold

No-Gossip Zone - Rhee Gold

No-Gossip Zone

If I had my way I would declare the dance world a no-gossip zone.
~Rhee Gold

Good Things - Rhee Gold

Good Things

I’ve come to a point in my life where I am so focused on what I want to accomplish that I try to be with people who are upbeat, encouraging, and spend life appreciating the good things that happen.
~Rhee Gold

Forever - Rhee Gold


Once dance grabs hold of your soul, it hangs on forever!
~Rhee Gold

Believe They Can - Rhee Gold

Believe They Can

Great dance teachers are those who create an atmosphere that stimulates the student’s minds, bodies, and souls in such a way that they believe they can achieve anything they aspire to.
~Rhee Gold



If you really do it better, you don’t need to tell everyone. They’ve already heard it from those who have experienced your “better-ness.”
~Rhee Gold

You Are You

Don’t look at other teachers or studio owners and believe that you would be happy if you had what they have. It’s not true! Be happy because you are you.
~Rhee Gold

Your Commitment-Rhee Gold Quote

Your Commitment

No worries, someone may attempt to duplicate your concept, but they can’t duplicate your personality or your commitment. Stay focused on what you must do.
~Rhee Gold

Opportunity to Discover - Rhee Gold Quote

Opportunity to Discover

In every circumstance there is a lesson to be learned; sometimes it is the opportunity to discover who and what we should never be.
~Rhee Gold

Every Minute-Rhee Gold Quote

Every Minute

Time is a gift, what we do with it is our choice.
Being part of the gossip about the teacher or school up the street isn’t helping us progress.
Every minute, hour, or day focused on them is a minute, hour, or day that we are not dedicated to our own success.
~Rhee Gold

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