Rhee Gold's Dance Life Inspirational Quotes

This Moment

All that is important is this one moment in movement. Make the moment important, vital, and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused. ~Martha Graham

You Need to Be

Have No Fear That curve in the road just might be the best thing that could have happened to you. Confidently dance down the unexpected path to where you need to be, it’s probably a very “cool” place.~Rhee Gold

Almost Anything

If we wholeheartedly believe in what we want to accomplish and are willing to dedicate the time and energy needed to see it through, I believe that all of us can accomplish almost anything we desire. ~Rhee Gold

True Success

True success is based on the number of souls you touch with your passion for the art of dance. ~Rhee Gold

Not A Good Idea

If we perceive something negative about another, it’s not a good idea to speak about it until we have determined that we are not criticizing our own reflection. ~Rhee Gold

Year to Year

Everyone complains about it, but they continue to do
it . . . often they increase their participation year
to year. ~Rhee Gold

Dance of Life

The moment in between what you once were, and who you are now becoming, is where the dance of life really takes place.~Barbara de Angelis