Rhee Gold's Dance Life Inspirational Quotes

Passion, Compassion

Teach every class with passion.
Treat every student with compassion.
~Rhee Gold

Nice Hobby

It makes me laugh when I hear a non-dance person say that teaching dance is a nice hobby. I think to myself that this person couldn’t handle the responsibility or sacrifice that our so-called hobby requires.
~Rhee Gold

The Guts to Be a Pioneer

It’s not recreating what someone else does because you believe that you can do it better. It’s about having the guts to be a pioneer with something that is totally YOU!
~Rhee Gold

Perfect Life Experience

As adults (parents and teachers) we know that our blessings are not the awards that our children win at dance competitions (or any other activity). Our blessings are children with healthy bodies who have a passion for the art of dance. It leads them on an awesome journey that will make them smarter, better, braver, more determined . . . it keeps them protected and off the streets. It’s time to think of the award as gravy on an already perfect life experience.
~Rhee Gold

The Dancers’ Truth

There is nothing better than to express the emotions of life through the art of dance.
~Rhee Gold

Discipline and Dance

Discipline and dance go hand in hand; students who understand discipline are usually the most successful dancers.
~Rhee Gold

It Takes Time

Dance is an individual art form and children need to be allowed to achieve at a pace that’s comfortable.
~Rhee Gold

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