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Rhee Gold's Dance Life Inspirational Quotes

Something Distinctive

Keep your eyes, ears and mind open to what you see around you – take all that sensory and mental input and craft from it something distinctive.
~Rhee Gold

Yesterday’s Youth

The kids today are not what they used to be.
I am beginning to understand why.
Our kids live in a world where they arrive at school or the movie theater looking for emergency exits—just in case.
Yesterday’s youth did not experience that.
~Rhee Gold

Let Them Go

When you set standards and stick to them, there will be people in your life who will fall away.
Let them go.

Show the World

We need to show the world our passion. That means letting go of insecurities that hold us back from what we want to accomplish.
It means not wasting a single moment of our valuable time getting caught up in the negative, because that is a dead-end road that will bring all of our dreams to a standstill.
~Rhee Gold

Dance Button

I’ve learned that I am better at what I do when I have the chance to turn off the dance button for a few days.
~Rhee Gold

Other Side

Everything you have wanted is on the other side of fear.
~George Addair

Parents Do the Same

I believe that young people should focus on themselves, give their all, and be satisfied with their own accomplishments, and their parents should do the same.
~Rhee Gold

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