Dance Teacher

Not a Good Idea

Dance teachers are proud people who have achieved through perseverance driven by a passion for their art. It’s probably not a good idea to tell them that dance is a nice hobby. ~Rhee Gold

An Interesting Thing

An interesting thing I have come to learn is that dance teachers are not immune from behaving just like those crazy parents who leave them dumbfounded. ~Rhee Gold

Human Spirit

Could it be that, as teachers, we become truly great once we realize that the blending of the human spirit with the emotions in the music and the powerful voice of movement is what’s most important? Are those moments of transformation what lead to a great life for the millions of students who dance through our classrooms? I wonder. ~Rhee Gold

Precious Art

With the certainty that dance enhances the lives of millions of children and adults, it is my goal to encourage ALL teachers who pass on the love for our precious art to future generations. I AM A DANCE TEACHER ~Rhee Gold

Pass on the Love

YES, I AM A PROUD DANCE TEACHER I do my best to pass on the love and the spirit of dance. Very few of my students will become professional dancers, but they all will become better people because they learned what determination and hard work are all about. And they have felt what the music and the movement can do for their soul. ~Rhee Gold

Trading Time

Those who love to gossip attract others who love to gossip. They’re trading the time they need for their own success for the chance to bring others down. That can’t be good! ~Rhee Gold

Happy, Fully Happy Debbie Reynolds

Happy, Fully Happy

That’s what I love about dance. It makes you happy, fully happy. ~Debbie Reynolds

More Inner Peace

More Inner Peace

Less Judgment = More Inner Peace ~Rhee Gold

We Have Lived It

We Have Lived It

Whether we teach at a university or local community center, in a small town or big city school, we share a certain instinctive understanding. It’s the difference that our art makes in life—our own and others’ —because we have all lived it. ~Rhee Gold

Beyond Their Years

Understand that it’s natural for some parents, especially those who have preschoolers, to think that their children have abilities way beyond their years. ~Rhee Gold

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