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Dance Teacher

Steps or Technique

Dance teachers set an example in so many ways, and often in ways that have nothing to do with steps or technique. Be sure you are setting the right example both inside and outside of your classroom. – Rhee Gold

Dedicated Dance People

I meet so many dedicated dance people who are workaholics. They never make the time to simply stop, to “turn off the dance” for a while. Some feel guilty just thinking about it and others think they’ll fall behind. Let it go—you deserve time for yourself. – Rhee Gold

Look Around

Dance Teachers I hope you’ll look around to see the joy that happens all day, every day, in your classrooms. – Rhee Gold

Toot Your Horn

The true route to success in our small dance world: showing, through your actions, words, and deeds, your passion for what you do. If you do that, then you don’t need to toot your own horn. Instead, those who witness your passion will toot your horn for you! – Rhee Gold

Exemplary Mentors

True success lies—in the children who, as adults, will fondly remember their once-a-week dance class and end-of-year recital. Let us be exemplary mentors, leaders, and teachers to every child who wants to dance. – Rhee Gold


Each teacher’s decisions reflect well or poorly on thousands of other teachers, all of whom love to share their passion for dance. – Rhee Gold

Small Dance World

SUCCESS in our small dance world is to show, through our actions, words, and deeds, our passion for what we do. If we do that, then we don’t need to toot our own horn. Instead, those who witness our passion will toot our horn for us! ~Rhee Gold

I Know for Sure

Something I know for sure! I understand the difference that my art makes in life – my own and others’ – because we have all lived it. I AM A DANCE TEACHER ~Rhee Gold

Her Goal

Her goal is to constantly place herself in the category of “unique” in the pool of dance schools in her area. She knows that being different is her way of staying on top, and her enrollment numbers reflect her philosophy. ~Rhee Gold

Not a Good Idea

Dance teachers are proud people who have achieved through perseverance driven by a passion for their art. It’s probably not a good idea to tell them that dance is a nice hobby. ~Rhee Gold

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