Dance Teacher

Somewhere Else

Teachers create their class atmosphere; if they aren’t excited, then neither will their students be. This occurs with teachers who would rather be somewhere else—and often that somewhere else is with the most advanced dancers. ~Rhee Gold

Same Respect

We’re The Same All dance teachers, no matter where in the world they are from, feel the same respect for their calling. We all have “dance blood” flowing through our veins; we’ve all experienced the same joys and hardships. ~Rhee Gold

The Best

SIMPLE We have an obligation to help to build self-esteem, while we encourage all children to be the best they can be. ~Rhee Gold

She Is More

The woman represents ballet. She is most important, powerful and vital to it. Therefore, she is not “less than” a man. If anything she is “more than” in this field. ~Misty Copeland

It’s More About

TEACHING DANCE It’s more about being a positive role model who mentors, leads and teaches young people to be the best that they can be in dance and in life. ~Rhee Gold

Great Mentors

Surround yourself with great mentors and friends who will help you grow and achieve—but let your inner voice speak louder than all the well-intentioned voices of those who surround you.~Rhee Gold

My Kids

I call my students my kids because in our time together they aren’t just kids on my class list, they become a part of my heart. ~ Unknown

Beginner Student

Let us not forget that we ALL started as beginner students. ~Rhee Gold

One Step

Dance teachers change the world one step at a time! How Cool is That? – Rhee Gold

On the Phone

Two hours on the phone gossiping, or looking for inspiration to become the best teacher and choreographer you can be. It’s a choice. – Rhee Gold