Dance Soul

You Are You

Don’t look at other teachers or studio owners and believe that you would be happy if you had what they have. It’s not true! Be happy because you are you. ~Rhee Gold

Right Now

Dream BIG, for sure. But, never forget how cool it is to be where you are right now. Enjoy the journey. ~Rhee Gold

Unshakable Confidence

I believe that our soul tells each of us what our contributions to this world can and should be. The key then becomes an unshakable confidence in what we know is right for us. ~Rhee Gold

Just Like You

That tiny dancer dreams that she will grow up to be just like you someday. How cool is that?! ~Rhee Gold

Pure Joy

The music, the movement, the pure joy radiating from the soul; that is dance. ~Rhee Gold

Remain Focused

Almost everything is a choice. Choose your distractions wisely, so you can remain focused on what you need to do. ~Rhee Gold

The Dance is a Poem

Direct Result

What someone else has or does is a direct result of where their life experience has taken them; you cannot recreate it. Your life experience is unique and all your own, leading YOU to where YOU need to be. Don’t let envy become the roadblock to your success. ~Rhee Gold

Number of Souls

Great dance is not about the awards won. Great dance is when an audience is moved. If you happen to win an award along the way; well good for you. BUT, true success is based on the number of souls you touch with your passion for the art of dance. ~Rhee Gold

Lose Yourself

When you head into that classroom, know that you have the chance to lose yourself in the music, the movement and the knowledge that you are passing on your passion for dance to the next generation. ~Rhee Gold

Lifelong Goal

Pat yourself on the back and be totally grateful for the fact that you have achieved your lifelong goal to teach dance. Not everyone has that chance or the commitment that it takes and you did (do)! How cool is that?! ~Rhee Gold