Dance Soul


Look in the mirror…that’s your competition. ~Rhee Gold


Appreciate the gift of dance that you’ve received, as well as the young people you’ve passed your gift to. That should be enough to make anyone feel satisfied. ~Rhee Gold

That’s OK

Dancers have a passion flowing through their veins that others may not understand. That’s O.K.! ~Rhee Gold


IT’S A CHOICE We can spend each day attempting to get back at those who we perceive have done us wrong. Or we can spend it dancing forward; toward the dreams we have not yet realized. Enjoy the journey. ~Rhee Gold

Child Heart

That dandelion bouquet she gave you. A gift from a child’s heart. How cool is that! ~Rhee Gold

Same Language

Dance is the gift that we all share. It’s the bliss that pours from our souls when we are lost in the movement and the music. It’s the innate understanding that the human body and the emotions of life are what make our art. Whether or not we speak the same language  our souls speak clearly and in a way that we all understand. – Rhee Gold

You Are

You are the art! How Cool Is That? – Rhee Gold

What We Love

As any creative being knows—and we are all creators in some way—we experience a rush of joy when we’re doing what we love. – Rhee Gold


The power of art is not to be underestimated. – Rhee Gold

Human Expression

Before a child talks, they sing. Before they write they draw. As soon as they stand they dance. Art is fundamental to human expression. ~Phylicia Rashad