Applause & Appreciation

Competition should be a part of our educational process, but not the entire focus. We need to give our students a range of performance opportunities and make it clear that the best reward for performing is audience applause and appreciation. ~Rhee Gold

Expose Students

Competing should not be to beat anyone, but to expose students to the highest caliber of talent available. Do it to motivate them and to give them an appreciation for other dancers and schools. Only then can we produce the best dancers and teachers possible. ~Rhee Gold

Year to Year

COMPETITION Everyone complains about it, but they continue to do it . . . often they increase their participation year to year. ~Rhee Gold

Can’t Do

“Please, don’t show me what you can’t do,” said the competition judge. ~Rhee Gold

On Occasion

On occasion I have been criticized by competition directors who believe I am against dance competition. Not true! I believe competition needs to be a part of what we do, but not everything we do. – Rhee Gold

Two Different Dancers

IT’S PASSION! The one who wins the trophies or the one that everyone remembers long after the competition ends are often two different dancers. ~Rhee Gold

Value the Memories

I value the memories of my time as a competitive dancer; those experiences helped to shape me into the man I am today. The memories I cherish most are my mother’s tears of pride, my long nights alone in the studio, and – most of all – the confidence I gained through the process. I am someone who knows that there is much more to competition that the awards. ~Rhee Gold

Artists Support

Artists support each other, it’s not ALL about competition. ~Rhee Gold

Approve or Disapprove

Approve or disapprove, competition is everywhere; it’s inspiring thousands of young people to enroll in classes. Those who are already training want to take more because they’re seeing what can be accomplished with hard work and dedication. As a result, we have stronger schools, dancers, and choreographers who are striving to be the best they can be. That’s a good thing! ~Rhee Gold

My First Competition

At 10, I did my first competition dance, a duet to “Harrigan,” with my twin brother, Rennie. We loved the stage, the applause and the energy – and the fact that we remembered our choreography was quite a charge for us! ~Rhee Gold