Respect Those Who Share Our Passion

It is about more than the steps that we teach; we set the example . . . Let’s not discuss rumors or gossip with our students or their parents regarding other schools. If we speak negatively about our peers outside or inside of the school we are not setting the right example; nor does it reflect the belief that we respect those who share our passion for the art of dance. ~Rhee Gold

No Guilt

Believe it or not, it is OK for the studio owner to make a profit without feeling guilt. ~Rhee Gold

Nice Hobby

It makes me laugh when I hear a non-dance person say that teaching dance is a nice hobby. I think to myself that this person couldn’t handle the responsibility or sacrifice that our so-called hobby requires. ~Rhee Gold

Our Legacy

Teaching dance . . . Our legacy isn’t going to be the number of pirouettes our students execute; it’s going to be the passion for the art of dance that we instill in their souls. ~Rhee Gold

Hold on Tight

Not everyone who dances through our classrooms or schools will agree with why or how we do things. And that’s OK; as long as we have confidence to know that we can’t change or make exceptions simply because someone may disagree. Hold on tight to what you know is right. ~Rhee Gold

Instinct Over Ego

If they weren’t loyal to the last person; what makes us believe that they will be loyal to us? Instinct over ego, always. ~Rhee Gold