Rhee Gold's Dance Life Inspirational Quotes

In Spirit

Dance less in motion and more in spirit; awaken the dreamer within.
Shah Asad Rizvi

Hold on Tight

Not everyone who dances through our classrooms or schools will agree with why or how we do things. And that’s OK; as long as we have confidence to know that we can’t change or make exceptions simply because someone may disagree. Hold on tight to what you know is right.
~Rhee Gold

Greener Than You Think

Your grass is greener than you think.
~Rhee Gold

Greatest Profession

Dance is one of the first art forms known to humankind. As teachers we are the conservators who preserve the history, and we have the chance to add our knowledge to take the art form to new heights. We pass that torch to the next generation who will in turn pass it on to the next. I believe the dance education field is one of the greatest professions in the world.
~Rhee Gold

Collective Success

Imagine the collective success our dance community would experience if we all stayed focused on being the best we can be.
~Rhee Gold

Dance Truth

Dance Truth . . .
No two students will progress at the same rate, even if they experience the exact same training.
~Rhee Gold

Dance is a Gift

Dance People . . .
Our passion for our art is often hard to describe to people who do not dance. I see it like this; it’s the bliss that pours out of our souls when we are lost in the movement and the music. It’s the innate understanding that the human body and the emotions of life are what make our art. Whether or not we speak the same language, our souls speak clearly and in a way that we all understand. It’s what bonds us to each other. Dance is the gift that we all share.
~Rhee Gold

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