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Professional Teacher - Rhee Gold

Professional Teacher–Student Relationship

Any teacher’s success is based on a professional teacher-student relationship. Young teachers who hang out with their students can diminish the respect they need to be effective teachers and role models.
~Rhee Gold

Organized - Rhee Gold


You don’t have to be organized, you must appear to be organized.
~Rhee Gold

No Guilt - Rhee Gold

No Guilt

Believe it or not, it is OK for the studio owner to make a profit without feeling guilt.
~Rhee Gold

Applause - Rhee Gold


Long before the current generation started dancing for awards, generations of young dancers performed for something quite simple: applause.
~Rhee Gold

Lifelong Goal-Rhee Gold Quote

Lifelong Goal

Pat yourself on the back and be totally grateful for the fact that you have achieved your lifelong goal to teach dance. Not everyone has that chance or the commitment that it takes and you did (do)! How cool is that?!
~Rhee Gold

We Have Lived It

We Have Lived It

Whether we teach at a university or local community center, in a small town or big city school, we share a certain instinctive understanding. It’s the difference that our art makes in life—our own and others’ —because we have all lived it.
~Rhee Gold

Awesome Life!

The music, the movement, the passion, the joy on the kids faces . . . I’m thinking that teaching dance is an awesome life!
~Rhee Gold

The Child Who Hides - Rhee Gold

That Child Who Hides

That child who hides in the back line of your class needs a teacher who knows that teaching is to help the child gain the courage to dance her way to the front line.
~Rhee Gold

Beyond Their Years - Rhee Gold

Beyond Their Years

Understand that it’s natural for some parents, especially those who have preschoolers, to think that their children have abilities way beyond their years.
~Rhee Gold

My Heart - Rhee Gold

My Heart

My heart, my soul, my everything.
~Rhee Gold

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