Rhee Gold's Dance Life Inspirational Quotes

Think About All

Think about ALL who you are, instead of all you are not. – Unknown

Exemplary Mentors

True success lies—in the children who, as adults, will fondly remember their once-a-week dance class and end-of-year recital. Let us be exemplary mentors, leaders, and teachers to every child who wants to dance. – Rhee Gold

Dear Life

What if, instead of holding on for dear life to what’s familiar and friendly, we embrace the unknown and prepare ourselves for adventure? – Rhee Gold


Be one of those people that everyone loves to be around, the one who walks into a room and makes it seem brighter. That positive energy will come back to you tenfold. – Rhee Gold

Worrying Stop

Worrying won’t stop the bad stuff from happening.
It just stops us from enjoying the good. – Unknown

Every Child Can Achieve

That passion—that joy of dance—is what most parents and kids seek. Dance is about losing yourself in the music and the movement, and that is something that every child can achieve. – Rhee Gold


Each teacher’s decisions reflect well or poorly on thousands of other teachers, all of whom love to share their passion for dance. – Rhee Gold

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