Episode 4: Confidence, the Key to Success

So much of what we do as dance studio owners comes down to the confidence we have; in ourselves, our brand, our staff and our mission. Rhee unpacks the importance of confidence for the success of your business.

Episode 3: What is Your Mission?

Tapping into the real reason behind your choice of career is essential in communicating your purpose to your team, your students and your clients. Join us as we work together to envision your mission for the future.

Episode 2: The Art of Teaching Dance w/ Thelma Goldberg

Dance teacher and entrepreneur, Thelma Goldberg, has so much to share when it comes to the art of teaching dance. Thelma will offer insight and helpful tips on how to keep a classroom full of students captivated.

Episode 1: Rhee Gold – A Little History Lesson

Learn more about Rhee and who he is. Join Rhee and co-host Stacey Morgan, as they discuss tap lessons in the basement, his company, Rhee Gold’s DanceLife, how he established the industry of dance teacher conferences, touring the world and everything in between.

Episode 0: Welcome to the Rhee Gold DanceLife Podcast

If you are a studio owner, dance teacher or just a lover of all things dance, then you will love hearing from Rhee Gold, dance teacher, motivational speaker, and passionate dance business owner.