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She Just Can’t Stop Herself

“You’re an artistic genius! How do you come up with an idea like that?” “Motivated to be different” is the motto of the teacher who choreographed the piece that everyone is raving about. She’s the one who doesn’t want to be like anyone else or follow the current trends in choreography. Tricks like grabbing a leg and yanking it behind the head (often, unfortunately, with a turned-in supporting leg) are nowhere to be found in her art. The even bigger feats like fouetté turns or multiple jumps are not in her choreographic vocabulary. Yet she continues to awe audiences, judges,…

No Fear

Let the Fear Go

by Rhee Gold Henry Ford once said, “If there is one thing which I would banish from the earth it is fear.” Some people believe that fear is experienced only in dramatic or scary situations, but in reality it can linger in the subconscious, creating a constant state of inhibition. Fear holds us back from achieving our lifelong dreams. Instead of stepping out of our comfort zone to get ourselves where we want to be, we talk ourselves out of taking action by focusing on the “what ifs,” which are more powerful than our desire to dance down that instinctual…

Grateful for the Change

by Rhee Gold I have always believed that the absolute in life is change. Embracing it, rather than dreading it, can change everything. Yes, there may be heartache when we lose someone; yes, it can be scary to open a new door; yes, sometimes we are perfectly happy with where we are at and we would like to just ride with it. BUT, we must be thankful for the way it was, and know we are better or stronger because of each transformation. And let’s be excited for what’s happening now and what may be coming in the future.