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It’s the Day After a Long Competition

It’s the Day After a Long Competition

by Rhee Gold It’s the day after a long competition. Maybe your dancers did excellent, and maybe they didn’t? Either way, don’t make that what matters most post-competition. Ask your dancers, “What was your favorite piece from another school?” Share with them something you liked about someone else’s work. Ask them, “What do you feel that we need to work harder at?” I could go on with the questions, but you get my drift. It takes total confidence in who you are and what you believe to “rave” about others accomplishments, and to know where you truly stand. Teach kids…

I Have Often Wondered

I Have Often Wondered

by Rhee Gold I have often wondered why we (dance teachers) can be friends with teachers and school owners who teach in another state or quite a distance from where we do, but if the teacher or school happens to be in the same town, then they are often considered the enemy? What is hard to understand is that the teacher up the street possesses the same passion that we do. We actually have more in common with them than we do the teacher who happens to do their thing quite a distance from us. Just a thought . ….

No Fear

Let the Fear Go

by Rhee Gold Henry Ford once said, “If there is one thing which I would banish from the earth it is fear.” Some people believe that fear is experienced only in dramatic or scary situations, but in reality it can linger in the subconscious, creating a constant state of inhibition. Fear holds us back from achieving our lifelong dreams. Instead of stepping out of our comfort zone to get ourselves where we want to be, we talk ourselves out of taking action by focusing on the “what ifs,” which are more powerful than our desire to dance down that instinctual…

Dont Judge

Don’t Judge

by Rhee Gold It is important to realize that students’ lack of interest might have nothing to do with the teacher or the material. They could be dealing with life issues such as divorce, conflicts in the home, problems with friends, or abusive situations. Whatever the circumstance, dance can allow students to forget their personal problems while they are at the studio. Self-expression through the art of dance and the release of tension through physical activity can help students cope with problems and build self-esteem.

Swing the Pendulum Back

Swing The Pendulum Back

by Rhee Gold A while ago I held a seminar for teachers and studio owners at a dance convention that included a competition. These awesome people were teachers for all the right reasons-everyone was excited about learning new approaches for the classroom and business. At one point, a conversation started up about dance competitions and the importance of age-appropriate music and costuming, and of giving students movement that they were ready for instead of tricks or flashy steps. Everyone agreed-these were the standards that they lived by and that they wanted to see all dance educators practice. Most of the…

We Are Each Unique

We Are Each Unique

by Rhee Gold As dance studio owners, let us recognize that each of us and our businesses are unique in personality, history and what we have to offer our communities. We encourage teachers to always continue their own education to ensure that they offer their students the best possible “dance experience.” With that said, let us not judge each other, or focus all our attention on the school up the street. Certainly, there are teachers who make awesome dancers and then there are those who do the once-a-week thing, and there are those somewhere between. Know that parents (our clientele)…

It's About Life Lessons

It’s About Life Lessons

Not all children will develop into professional dancers. One of our primary goals is to teach life lessons and skills that offer children the best chance for success. Dance education encompasses far more than technique and the steps the children learn. I believe the discipline of dance training gives young people a better understanding of commitment through learning, experiencing the spirit of teamwork, and discovering what they can accomplish through hard work. Our goal is to educate the minds, bodies, and souls of our students, teaching them the skills needed for a successful life, whether or not they stay involved…