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As all that we are about, the DanceLife Blog is another opportunity to support and inspire dance teachers and studio owners.  You'll discover business ideas, self-care advice, awesome classroom tips, along with some witty stories . . . by dance teachers for dance teachers!


Herring, Amanda

Amanda Herring LOVES her job!  She is passionate about sharing the love of dance while inspiring and encouraging everyone who walks through her door.  She loves BIG and has a heart for new dancers joining a class for the first time.  She takes pride in offering stellar service to dance...

Simpson, Pam

Pam Simpson is the founder, president, and driving force behind Forte Arts Center, which was established in Morris, Illinois in 1993. In addition to building her business from a small, one room studio to a large, multi-location organization that offers dance, tumbling and cheer programs as well as private music...

Trench, Andrea

Andrea Trench is dedicated to helping dance teachers create and deliver content that is research-based and developmentally appropriate for children under the age of 6. Her primary focus is classroom management, conceptual teaching, and foundational movement skill development in early childhood dance education. In addition, Andrea uses her 12 years...

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Are You Ready?

As the new dance season starts there is much to prepare, but are we ready when faced with the unthinkable? Pam Simpson, owner of Forte Dance Arts, shares her harrowing story of a recent lockdown at her studio and in her community and how we can all learn and be better prepared to keep our students and studios safer.


Preschool Classroom Success: First Day Prep

Andrea Trench, early-childhood dance education specialist, get our minds and dance spirits ready for the new season with our littles to begin.


Acknowledge, Recognize & Encourage Your Students

Pam is the owner of Forte Arts Center and Tumbling Effect, and she recognizes that as we are heading into a new season, it is important to stop and make a plan for how you will recognize and praise your students this year.


Preschool Classroom Success: Transitions

We spend so much time planning our class activities, choosing our music, and incorporating props to enrich our learning environment. During all of this planning, we may forget to also plan our activity transitions. When we neglect planning what will connect one activity to the other, we create an opportunity for off-track behavior.  Transitions are…


Summer is the Time to Get Ahead

As dance teachers and studio owners, our summers are much different than the rest of the year. This is a time that we can get ahead, coast, or get behind. Although I am busy in different ways in the summer, I like to take time to get ahead on a few projects over the summer…


Must-Have Preschool Props

Now is a great time to organize, order, and prepare your class props for your next session! As you are creating your early childhood dance class plans for the new season, remember a successful learning environment is a multi-sensory learning environment.   In order to support all learners in our dance classes, we must use props.…


Life After Recital

Months and months of planning go into our annual recitals. We pour our hearts and souls into every detail to make sure it is a success and in a matter of a few hours, it is over. This brings on a mix of emotions. We are proud of our students and our team, and we…


50 Preschool Class Activities

I’ve collected some of my favorite class activities to share with you. These songs are categorized by the concept they explore. (You can read more about conceptual teaching here). Although many of these songs can explore multiple concepts, I recommend you choose just one to focus on so even your youngest dancers can work towards full…


Celebrate Your Seniors

As you are planning the end of your season, it is important to take a few minutes and think of a few ways that you can celebrate your graduating seniors. These dancers have most likely been with you for many years and are special to you, your staff, and their peers. At the end of…


FUNday ONE-Day Camps

One-day camps are a fantastic way to bring additional excitement (and revenue) to your studio! Unlike a multiple day camp that is limited to longer breaks such as summer or winter breaks, these events can be sprinkled throughout your season. Offering a one-day camp allows new students the opportunity to learn more about the overall…



I will simply breathe. I have a confession to make…as I sit here on Sunday evening, I have tremendous anxiety about my upcoming show.  Yep, the girl who always “has it all together” is fretting, screaming inside, and a little shaky.  I move into my theater in exactly one month, and I just don’t feel…


Get Recital Ready

Dance Teachers, it is time to get your classes Recital Ready. There are many ways to prepare your classes for the stage to ensure they feel confident and it is the time to get started! Most of us have not been in a theater for a Recital since 2019, so many of our students don’t…