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Rhee Gold's DanceLife is committed to supporting and inspiring dance teachers. The Rhee Gold's DanceLife Blog is a weekly post that shares inspirational, fun and witty stories from dance teachers for dance teachers!

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A special place for dance teachers, studio owners and those passionate about dance education. It’s a chance for some up-close & personal commentary, sharing gratitude and ideas for success.

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A Letter to my Young Dance Teacher Self

Dear Andrea, Congratulations on your first job as a dance teacher! You love dance and you love kids so this seems like an easy gig at 16 years old. Buckle up, Ann… This will be your life’s work. Every class you teach will be an opportunity to change lives. For some kids… … you will…


Walking the Tightrope

I’m taking this personally.  And that’s ok. Last weekend, I managed to pull off (finally!) six 2-hour shows following a pretty intense week of stage rehearsals and that, of course, after countless days and weeks of preparations.  My poor feet and 45-year-old back are still salty about the whole thing, and a few unexplained bruises…