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Set Goals That Matter

Last month I talked about Goal Setting for your teams and classes. This month I wanted to focus on helping you set goals for yourself in 2022. There are many different strategies when it comes to setting goals. I am going to share three of my personal favorites with you in hopes that one will…


Should I Dance in My Own Recital?

Should you dance in your own recital? Yes. I know it may not be everyone’s jam to perform in their own show. The recital, after all, is about the kids and we certainly don’t need to add another thing to our to-do list. But, I want to offer a different perspective, share some helpful tips,…


Choose to Chase Your Dreams

CHOOSE to chase your dreams.  Really. My grandmother was a collector of quotes and verses.  She cut clippings from the newspaper, from magazines, and from pretty calendars.  If she ran across one that was particularly meaningful to her, she made sure she shared it with us…many times…whether we wanted to hear it or not.  It…


Holiday Memories

There are dates in our lives that become engraved in our memories. December 14th is one of those days for me! Three years ago on December 14th was our studio’s last Christmas show.   This was not the original plan, and although the studio has produced one January show after that, I have not done another…


Setting Team Goals for 2022

As we prepare for a new year, it is time to do some Goal Setting. Today I am going to discuss four different ways to set your goals for your teams at your studio. The new generation of students wants to be involved in decisions and work side by side with you. Instead of fighting…


It’s Okay to Color Outside the Lines

LaShonda Chaney has studied all genres of dance and holds a B.A. in Business Marketing from Rutgers, The State University.  Winning several awards through “Dance Educators of America”, “Dance America”, “Dance Olympus”, and recognized for outstanding work and leadership with children, she continues her love with assisting schools with creating dance curriculums for their programs.…


Winter Activities: Snow Much Fun!

Now that the dance season is well underway, our little ones are quickly gaining independence and confidence with each passing class. As winter approaches you may be itching to change things up and add new activities to keep your lesson plans fresh and relevant. After all, theming our learning objectives to what children are experiencing…


Celebrate Yourself!

As a member of the Gold Alliance, I have the privilege of attending periodic business strategy sessions with the group.  In one of the last, facilitated by studio owner, business leader, and mentor, Stacey Morgan, members were tasked with discussing how we celebrate ourselves on a regular basis. Celebrate myself?  Me?  Wait. This proved to…