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A Bright IDEA

business person possible. What Do You Get? Continental Breakfast Studio-Owner Sharing Hear the challenges that other studio owners are facing 1-hour Business Seminar: “Living the Dream with Your Team” Hear…

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Episode 15: Competition Teams

Does your studio attend dance competitions? Do you want to? How do you make it work for you and your studio? Listen as Rhee talks about the pros and cons…

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Episode 13: Invest in Your Growth

regular professional development? You should be… listen as Rhee explains why professional development and continuing education are important parts of your growth as a studio and as a studio owner….

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Fresh Start Business Retreat

Give you and your studio a “fresh start” with this brand-new business retreat for dance studio owners and their administrative staff. Are you ready for better retention and discovering new…

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Episode 9: The Struggle is Real

Rhee talks about the daunting challenges of running a dance studio. Our everyday struggle such as the way in which to retain the students you have enrolled, arranging payment plans…

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Episode 5: Rhee’s Rant

Do you love dance competitions? Is your studio a competition studio? Rhee has a long history with dance competitions, but there first there are a few things he wants to…

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Dealing With Doubt

Dealing with Doubt

…can prevent a negative aura from overtaking the studio. As we all know, training can be arduous; lightening the mood can be a needed coping strategy for all involved. Learn…

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